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Mar 21, 2007 Commentary
Why should we care about science books?

by Bruce Lewenstein

Why should we care about science books? After all, we live in a "new media" world where students, researchers, and the public use the World Wide Web for all their information needs. Cutting edge research appears on "preprint archives" or "open access" online journals, text"books" appear as online sites with interactive presentations and links to presentation, for creating public discussion and dialogue, and even for archiving current research. In that kind of world, what’s the purpose of looking at "old fashioned" books?

Volume 6 • Issue 01 • 2007

Mar 21, 2007 Commentary
The role by scientific publications in science communication

by Martha Fabbri

In their contributions to this special issue, the British science writer Jon Turney and the American scholar Bruce Lewenstein discuss the validity of the book as a means for science communication in the era of the Internet, whereas the article by Vittorio Bo deals with scientific publishing in a broader sense.

Volume 6 • Issue 01 • 2007

Jun 21, 2004 Article
Language change in scientific discourse

by Monica Randaccio

Halliday has demonstrated that changes in discourse function covary with changes in the grammatical resources a language makes available to construe discourse. Specifically, he outlined the ways in which nominalisation evolved as a resource for construing scientific reality as a world of logical relations among abstract entities. In the present article,

Volume 3 • Issue 02 • 2004