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Sep 21, 2002 Article
From the Golem to Artificial Intelligence: science in the theatre for an existential reflection

by Silvana Barbacci

This work analyses how the theme of the creation of thinking machines by man, particularly through artificial intelligence, is dealt with on stage, with reference to three plays addressing different topics and characterised by different types of performance. This analysis reveals the particular effectiveness of plays dealing with scientific topics, when the relationship between theatre and science results in reflections transcending the boundaries of its contents to address man and his essence and gives voice to the ancient question of the sense of the world.

Volume 1 • Issue 03 • 2002

Mar 21, 2002 Article
Labanotation: a universal movement notation language

by Silvana Barbacci

This paper describes how a universal language for notating dance and, more generally, movement was elaborated, known as "Kinetography Laban", or rather "Labanotation". It was devised by choreographer and movement theorist Rudolf von Laban, who outlined it for the first time in 1928, in the journal Schrifttanz. His system differs from precedent notation systems in that Labanotation is rigorous and universal, as it is based not on one particular style or technique but on the general

Volume 1 • Issue 01 • 2002