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Oct 11, 2021 Article
Participant motivation to engage in a citizen science campaign: the case of the TESS network

by Irene Celino, Gloria Re Calegari, Mario Scrocca, Jaime Zamorano and Esteban Gonzalez Guardia

Citizen science involves laymen in some steps of a scientific experiment: citizens are volunteers devoting their free time to citizen science projects. Therefore it is important to investigate the factors influencing their motivation and engagement. In this paper, we present our study to investigate the motivation factors of the TESS photometer network participants, an initiative to collect light pollution data. We present the results and insight of our investigation and the instrument we adopted, which can be useful for the broad citizen science community.

Volume 20 • Issue 06 • 2021 • Special Issue: Third International ECSA Conference, Trieste 2020