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Jun 04, 2018 Article
Open and transparent research practices and public perceptions of the trustworthiness of agricultural biotechnology organizations

by Asheley R. Landrum, Joseph Hilgard, Robert B. Lull, Heather Akin and Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Public trust in agricultural biotechnology organizations that produce so-called ‘genetically-modified organisms’ (GMOs) is affected by misinformed attacks on GM technology and worry that producers' concern for profits overrides concern for the public good. In an experiment, we found that reporting that the industry engages in open and transparent research practices increased the perceived trustworthiness of university and corporate organizations involved with GMOs. Universities were considered more trustworthy than corporations overall, supporting prior findings in other technology domains. The results suggest that commitment to, and communication of, open and transparent research practices should be part of the process of implementing agricultural biotechnologies.

Volume 17 • Issue 02 • 2018