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Apr 17, 2018 Commentary
A collaboration platform for sociology. How to increase accessibility, visibility and sustainability of scientific information in sociology

by Johann Schaible, Sonja Strunk and David Brodesser

Web-based information and communication systems extend access for scientific communities to information such as publications or research data and provide the opportunity to collaborate with other scientists. Our comment gives a short sketch of the Information Service Sociology (short: FID Sociology), in which we aim at designing and developing such an information and communication infrastructure within the field of Sociology. To this end, it comprises (i) an approach for simplified publishing of open access publications, (ii) an integrated search across multiple sociological databases, and (iii) a collaboration platform to facilitate interaction and collaborations between members of the sociological community. Here, we mainly focus on the individual steps of the development of the collaboration platform.

Volume 17 • Issue 02 • 2018