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Jun 20, 2008 Commentary
To blog or not to blog, not a real choice there...

by Elisabetta Tola

Science blogging is a very useful system for scientists to improve their work, to keep in touch with other colleagues, to access unfamiliar science developed in other fields, to open new collaborations, to gain visibility, to discuss with the public. To favour the building of blog communities, some media have set up networks hosting scientists' blogs, like or Nature Network. With some interesting features and many potential uses.

Volume 7 • Issue 02 • 2008

Dec 21, 2003 Focus
Hinari and Agora: free access to scientific information for poor countries

by Elisabetta Tola

In the midst of a debate on access to information, the World Health Organization and the FAO have decided to develop a strategy to guarantee the right of poor countries to have free access to scientific publications. This right is often denied, mainly because of high subscription costs. For this reason, universities and research centres in southern countries must forego buying magazines, which are a valuable instrument for updating, and exchanging information on research and scientific issues. This choice has been made in an historical period when the industrialized world is marked by a knowledge-based economy.

Volume 2 • Issue 04 • 2003