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Apr 20, 2016 Article
Bringing citizen monitoring into land management: a case study of the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program

by Rowan Converse, Daniel Shaw, Kim Eichhorst and May Leinhart

Despite the rapid expansion of citizen-based monitoring, data from these programs remain underutilized by natural resource managers, perhaps due to quality and comparability issues. We present the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program as a case study of an initiative successfully meeting long-term monitoring needs of federal, state, tribal, and local natural resource managers, and informing public policy. To maximize potential for partnerships with managers, we recommend the creation of a five-year plan including scientific goals and financial solvency strategies prior to establishing a citizen science program, and offering multiple platforms for data-sharing and dialogue.

Volume 15 • Issue 03 • 2016 • Special Issue: Citizen Science, Part II, 2016