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Dec 11, 2013 Commentary
Children as science journalists. A way to promote individual-lead learning and critical thinking, enhancing the participation of children in the dialogue between science and society

by Paola Rodari, Simona Cerrato and Anna Sustersic

In the last two years SISSA Medialab designed, tested and evaluated two projects aiming at empowering children (in one case) and teenagers (in the other) to act as science journalists in order to promote a personal, critical attitude towards science and technology. The two groups produced a paper magazine and a blog, respectively, in a participatory process, in which adults acted as facilitators and experts on demand, but the youths were the leaders and owners of the products. Special care was taken to ensure inclusiveness, by involving in the project children and teenagers from any social class including those not especially interested in science and technology before participating in the project.

Volume 12 • Issue 3 • 2013