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Apr 30, 2009 Article
Opening the Test Tube: what do we know about research on science communication and the teaching of microbiology in Brazil?

by Daniela Franco Carvalho Jacobucci and Giuliano Buzá Jacobucci

Brazilian research has grown intensely in all areas of microbiology, with the increase in the amount of governmental resources for the sector and the strengthening of a greater number of research groups. However, very few academic studies deal with research about teaching and science communication in microbiology. There is no in-depth study of how this topic is currently being divulgated in communication journals, didactic books and the Internet, or about the interest and the difficulties faced by researchers in communicating microbiology to the general public. This paper investigates academic production on science communication and the teaching of microbiology in Brazil and contextualizes the need for studies about the ways and means through which this activity is being carried out.

Volume 8 • Issue 02 • 2009