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Oct 11, 2021 Article
Citizen science and crowdsourcing in the field of marine scientific research — the MaDCrow project

by Paolo Diviacco, Antonio Nadali, Massimiliano Nolich, Andrea Molinaro, Massimiliano Iurcev, Rodrigo Carbajales, Alessandro Busato, Alessandro Pavan, Lorenzo Grio and Francesca Malfatti

Marine research is as important as very demanding since it requires expensive infrastructures and resources. Scientific institutions, on the contrary, have very limited funding so that the seas remain, still, mostly unexplored. Another serious concern is that society at large often resonates with fake news, while scientists sometimes tend to bias research with their backgrounds and paradigms. We think that all these issues can be addressed opening the process of knowledge building to the questions and needs of stakeholders and laypeople. The MaDCrow project proposed and tested several paths to attain these goals.

Volume 20 • Issue 06 • 2021 • Special Issue: Third International ECSA Conference, Trieste 2020