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May 10, 2021 Article
Supporting quality in science communication: insights from the QUEST project

by Ilda Mannino, Laura Bell, Enrico Costa, Matteo Di Rosa, Alessandra Fornetti, Suzanne Franks, Claudia Iasillo, Neil Maiden, Arko Olesk, Jacopo Pasotti, Berit Renser, Joseph Roche, Barbara Schofield, Roberta Villa and Fabiana Zollo

The promotion of quality is a critical aspect to consider in the re-examination of science communication. This problem is analysed in the research carried out by the QUEST project, as featured in this paper. Engaging key stakeholders in a codesign process — through interviews, focus groups, workshops and surveys — the research identified barriers to quality science communication and on the basis of these, proposes a series of tools and supporting material that can serve as incentives toward quality science communication for different stakeholders across the fields of journalism, social media, and museum communication. And it highlights in particular the significance of training in order to promote professionalism amongst communicators.

Volume 20 • Issue 03 • 2021 • Special Issue: Re-examining Science Communication: models, perspectives, institutions, 2021