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Sep 21, 2005 Commentary
Networking at global and community levels for control of diseases

by Indira Nath

The world is facing an unprecedented situation in health management as fast transport and travel lead to spread of diseases at a rate that has not been seen before and into countries that had once conquered them. This is even more evident with infectious diseases which do not respect geopolitical barriers or economic progress. It is becoming increasingly clear that control of such diseases and good practices for public health need global sharing of knowledge and international cooperation. In addition networking of institutions involved in health care with the communities that they serve is fundamental to containing diseases and promoting good health. For reasons as yet unclear even non infectious diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes are also increasing at an alarming rate globally. The advantages of international networking and timely communication which contained three diseases will be discussed in this article.

Volume 4 • Issue 03 • 2005