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Feb 01, 2021 Commentary
Queer world-making: a need for integrated intersectionality in science communication

by Tara Roberson and Lindy A. Orthia

This commentary aims to shed light on the neglected space of queer people in science communication. In this piece, we introduce queer theory to science communication literature to examine issues from the past, present, and future. We argue that to queer our field may entail a radical interrogation of some of science communication's deeply rooted cultural traits and working towards a rainbow-tinted future.

Volume 20 • Issue 01 • 2021

Apr 20, 2020 Essay
On social change, agency, and public interest: what can science communication learn from public relations?

by Tara Roberson

This essay explores the relationship of science communication and public relations and contends that science communication has something to learn from public relations research. I provide an alternate history of public relations, drawn from the history of social movements (activism). I outline two areas from public relations theory: first, notions of human agency and equity in communication and, second, public interest in public communication. In doing so, I highlight how research from critical public relations could contribute to science communication efforts to enable participation with science and technology from wider, more diverse publics.

Volume 19 • Issue 02 • 2020