Continuing professional development: evolution, complexity and variety in science communication training needs



This commentary seeks to spark further discussion on the continuing professional development in science communication, presenting comments from practitioners who were asked to reflect on the competences and skills their profession requires, and to envisage what kind of training might provide them. This introduction presents some common issues that emerge within the comments: the necessity to face rapidly evolving professional landscapes, to answer to new missions and roles, to consider the growing impact and potential of new technologies. Alternative training methods are also discussed.


22 June 2016



Science Journalism has been through a huge transition period in the past two decades as digital outlets compete with print media ― and that transition is continuing.


The article draws on the case study of the European In-service training course ‘School and Science Museum: Cooperation for Improving Teaching, Learning and Discovering’ aiming to offer insights int


In respect of the different modes of science communication including journalism, radio, online, I would propose that the process of making exhibitions and centres dedicated to science & technol


The profession of explainer is still pretty much undefined and underrated and the training of explainers is many times deemed to be a luxury.