Science and media


This research develops a conceptual framework for telling visual stories about science using short-format videos, termed SciCommercial videos, that draw upon marketing communication.


Science and technology have become tools to legitimize messages that affect the world in terms of society, politics and economy.


In early August 2019, the U.S.A. saw 2 significant mass shootings in just 48 hours. On Twitter, Neil deGrasse Tyson responded with a tweet to his millions of followers.


Fiction is often credited with shaping public attitudes to science, but little science communication research has studied fans' deep engagement with a science-themed fiction text.


At a time when science is perceived to be under attack and our planet is facing severe challenges, the role of science journalism in taking on these challenges was a key theme of the 11th World Con


This critical discourse analysis examined climate change denial books intended for children and parents as examples of pseudo-educational materials reproduced within the conservative echo chamber i


This issue aims to provide a platform for researchers to address communication at the intersection of science and politics from different angles, and to reduce the contingency of science-policy communication in its various dimensions while spurring investigations into the science-policy interface.


This study analyzes the role that homeopathy-related stories are playing in Spanish political discourse. We analyzed the viewpoints of headlines in 8 digital dailies for 3 years. The results indicated that the stance on therapy's lack of scientific evidence gained ground during the period studied.


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