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issue 04, december 2009

editorialControl societies and the crisis of science journalism
Yurij Castelfranchi

In a brief text written in 1990, Gilles Deleuze took his friend Michel Foucault’s work as a starting point and spoke of new forces at work in ...

articleScience cafés. Cross-cultural adaptation and educational applications
M. Norton, K. Nohara

Tokyo Institute of Technology (TokyoTech) has been developing a number of methodologies to teach graduate students the theory and practice of science ...

articleScience comics as tools for science education and communication: a brief, exploratory study
M. Tatalovic

Comics are a popular art form especially among children and as such provide a potential medium for science education and communication. In an attempt to ...

articleScience on television: how? Like that!
P. Maeseele, L. Desmet

This study explores the presence of science programs on the Flemish public broadcaster between 1997 and 2002 in terms of length, science domains, ...

articleOften overlooked: formative evaluation in the development of ScienceComics
E. Weitkamp, H. Featherstone

Formative evaluation should play a key role in the development of a science communication project or initiative. Such research is vital to ...

commentSocialization of scientific and technological research: further comments

Research systems are increasingly required to be more practically oriented and to address issues which appear more promising in economic and social ...

reviewToo much power to the networks
Alessandro Delfanti

Manuel Castells, Communication power, Oxford University Press (2009)

letterThe brain seduction: the public perception of neuroscience
Donato Ramani

The increasing number of magazine covers dedicated to brain studies and the success of magazines and scientific journals entirely dedicated to brain ...

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Examining perceptions of astronomy images across mobile platforms Lisa F. Smith, Kimberly K. Arcand, Jeffrey K. Smith, Randall K. Smith, Jay Bookbinder, Megan Watzke 25/03/2014
Communicating evolution with a Dynamic Evolutionary Map Sonia H. Stephens 13/03/2014
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