Issue 01, march 2010. Special issue


This introduction presents the essays belonging to the JCOM special issue on User-led and peer-to-peer science.


This study examines the nature of peer-to-peer interactions in public online comment spaces.


Digital information and communication technologies (ICTs) are novelty tools that can be used to facilitate broader involvement of citizens in the discussi


There is a wealth of medical information now available to the public through various sources that are not necessarily controlled by medical or healthcare


The online world constitutes an ever-expanding store and incubator for scientific information.


From contributions of astronomy data and DNA sequences to disease treatment research, scientific activity by non-scientists is a real and emergent phenome


In this essay, I argue that the rise of personal genomics is technologically, economically, and most importantly, discursively tied to the rise of network


The Makers is the latest novel of the American science fiction writer, blogger and Silicon Valley intellectual Cory Doctorow.