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Sep 08, 2021 Article
How do we tackle the COVID-19 crisis? Mass media and psychological responses to the health crisis in Spain

by María Álvarez-Rementería Álvarez, Gorka Roman Etxebarrieta and Maria Dosil Santamaria

During global health crises, the mass media plays a key role in the construction of risk society. This paper analyses people's perception during the confinement in Spain regarding the role of mass media and its relationship with psychological responses and attitudes towards social control. Results from the survey (n=704) suggest that certain groups have been more affected by the messages distributed by the media, rendering them more vulnerable to suffering from negative psychological responses. The mass media interferes with the manner in which people psychologically deal with this crisis and the behaviour that results from their perception of risk.

Volume 20 • Issue 05 • 2021