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issue 04, december 2008

editorialScientists, do it like Al Gore
Pietro Greco

Human health has currently to face a growing series of global issues. From the spread of HIV/AIDS to a fresh outbreak of tuberculosis, increasingly ...

articlePublic participation and rural management of Brazilian waters: an alternative to the deficit model
Alessandro Luís Piolli, Maria Conceição da Costa

The knowledge deficit model with regard to the public has been severely criticized in the sociology of the public perception of science. However, when ...

articlePopularization of Science in Brazil: getting onto the public agenda, but how?
Márcia Tait Lima, Ednalva Felix das Neves, Renato Dagnino

The importance the Brazilian government has given in the last few years to the dissemination of science points out the necessity of a more discerning ...

articleChanges in publication statistics when electronic submission was introduced in an international applied science journal
Howard J. Swatland

In a refereed journal in the food and agriculture sector, papers were tracked over a five-year period during the introduction of electronic submissions. ...

commentTrained to interact: echoes from the Workshop Sul-Americano de Mediação em Museus e Centros de Ciência
Luisa Massarani, Paola Rodari, Matteo Merzagora

The initiatives focusing the professional development of explainers are multiplying around the world, building an informal network of researchers, museums ...

Explainers – New energy for the museum

Sebastian Martin, Modesto Tamez
reviewHow-to establish PCST. Two handbooks on science communication
Alessandro Delfanti

M. Bucchi and B. Trench (eds.), Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology, Routledge (2008).
D. Cheng, M. Claessens, T. Gascoigne, J. Metcalfe, B. Schiele and S. Shi (eds.), Communicating Science in Social Contexts: New models, new practices, Springer (2008).

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Examining perceptions of astronomy images across mobile platforms Lisa F. Smith, Kimberly K. Arcand, Jeffrey K. Smith, Randall K. Smith, Jay Bookbinder, Megan Watzke 25/03/2014
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