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issue 03, september 2003

editorialPolitical censorship of science
Pietro Greco

On June, the 23rd of last year, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its Draft Report on the Environment, a report on environmental ...

focusPeer review: is it crisis?
Mauro Scanu

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focusInvisible Hand(s): Quality Assurance in the Age of Author Self-Archiving
Gerry McKiernan

There are forces, factors, and influences other than pending classical peer review that assure the quality of scholarship before formal publication.

focusSelf-archive unto others as ye would have them self-archive unto you
Stevan Harnad

Scholars and scientists do research to create new knowledge so that other scholars and scientists can use it to create still more new knowledge and to apply ...

focusPeer review in high-energy physics: a return to the origins?
Marco Fabbrichesi

I still remember very clearly my first encounter with peer review: I was a Ph. D. student in physics and I had written my first paper, submitted it to a ...

focusSocio-cognitive perverse effects in peer review. Reflections and proposals
Andrea Cerroni

Peer review is the evaluation method that has characterized the scientific growth of the last four centuries, the first four of what is called modern ...

articlePublic perception of science: a preliminary analysis and interpretation of the questionnaire data applied in the city of Campinas, Brazil
Carlos Vogt, Rafael de Almeida Evangelista, Marcelo Knobel

This article will discuss and comment some of the results obtained by the application of the questionnaire "Public perception of Science and ...

articleCharacters in search of Majorana
Francesco Scarpa

Through the years, Majorana's life - and his mysterious disappearance in particular - inspired manifold representations. The wide range of links to science, ...

articleScientific communication in Italy: an epistemological interpretation
Eloisa Cianci

The aim of the present research is to study the "collective imaginary" produced by the articles within scientific circulation, in order to ...

commentCommunication between doctor and patient in the information society
Vincenza Pellegrino

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review"Lettera a un medico sulla cura degli uomini" of Giorgio Cosmacini, Roberto Satolli
Giancarlo Sturloni

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reviewScience and theater: debate and historical reconstruction
Silvana Barbacci

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review"Matematica, arte, tecnologia, cinema" of Michele Emmer, Mirella Manaresi (eds)
Matteo Merzagora

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