Book review: Creative Research Communication, Theory and Practice


Luisa Massarani, Executive Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for the Popularisation of Science and Technology (RedPOP) and coordinator of the Master in Communication of Science, Technology and Health of Casa de Oswaldo Cruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil) offers a critical analysis of the book entitled “Creative Research Communication — Theory and Practice” (Manchester University Press, 2016), written by Clare Wilkinson and Emma Weitkamp, Associate Professors of Science Communication at the University of the West of England in Bristol, England.

In her article “Creative Research Communication — Theory and Practice”, just published on JCOM and downloadable open access, Luisa Massarani affirms that “As a science communicator and a researcher interested in themes on science and society, and mostly through my role in training new generations, I highly value books like this, which are few, especially in Latin America, where I work.” Massarani particularly appreciates the inspiring way in which topics such as ethical issues and the importance of evaluation, or how to carry out such evaluation and dissemination, are presented throughout the book.

According to the author, “While focusing on the UK in some of its chapters, the book brings a great diversity of examples of practical research communication activities of universal interest with very useful tips.” Read more at