"RedPOP 2017, a meeting point of cultures and innovations", new Conference Review just published


The 15th Congress of the Network for Popularisation of Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (RedPOP) was held from 21 to 25 August 2017 at the Cultural Centre of Science (C3) in Buenos Aires (Argentina). In her Conference Review, Carla Almeida (Researcher at the Research Centre for Science Communication of the Museum of Life, House of Oswaldo Cruz, Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), provides some interesting insights from the conference that, according to the author, has been marked by "the diversity of initiatives linking science and art and by new presentation formats".

RedPOP 2017 brought together about 400 participants from 14 countries, including practitioners, researchers and supporters of science communication. Keynote speeches included intervetions by Chiqui González (Minister of Innovation and Culture of the province of Santa Fe), Paola Rodari (Sissa Medialab, Italy), Andrea Bandelli (Executive Director of Science Gallery International, Ireland) and the Spanish mathematician Eduardo Sáenz De Cabezón.

According to Almeida, "Following the central theme of the congress — Connections: new ways of popularising science — several papers focused on the interactions between science and art. (...) Initiatives involving performing arts prevailed, ranging from storytelling to puppet theatre, as well as different genres of music and literature. There were also reports of activities involving games, performances, circus, virtual reality, among many other fun and technological resources."

The organizers of the conference also challenged the conference speakers with new presentation formats that stimulated participation and discussion. "The new presentation formats, that introduced stories, objects and images as central elements of the communications and reduced the duration of the exhibitions, generated mixed feelings of enthusiasm, doubt and dissatisfaction among participants," the author affirms.

Find out more about the RedPOP 2017 conference by downloading the Conference Review "RedPop 2017, a meeting point of cultures and innovations", by Carla Almedia, available open access.