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In considering the ethos of science, Robert Merton [1973] posited that openness and secrecy reflect opposing values in the accomplishment of science.


Celebrating 15 years of success and growth, the STS Conference Graz on May 9 and 10, 2016, gathered nearly 200 delegates from all over the world who had t


BOOK: Content is king; News media management in the digital age.


The twenty-first century has witnessed a shift in science communication ideals from one-way science popularization activities towards more reflexive, part


The use and availability of digital media is changing researchers' roles and simultaneously providing a route for a more engaging relationship with stakeh


"Genetically Modified Organisms" are not a consistent category: it is impossible to discuss such a miscellaneous bunch of products, deriving from various


The authors present a quantitative content analysis to assess the use of mathematical information in the news of five generalist Portuguese newspapers dur


The letter compares and contrasts thinking about making science accessible and relevant to children in science centres and museums with thinking about com


This article provides a first statistical analysis of the typologies and characteristics of popular science web videos on YouTube.


This study aims to investigate whether different types of museum visits have specific ways to influence the visitors' experience and learning.