Miha Kos

Director Hiša Eksperimentov, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Course: Communication 2015

Miha Kos has been the director of and motivating force behind the first Slovenian "hands-on" Science Centre called ‘Hiša eksperimentov’ (The House of Experiments), since its very inception in 1996. In 1992, Mr Kos defended his PhD thesis on Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in the Earth’s magnetic field. In 1994, he conducted research work in Albuquerque (USA). After returning to Slovenia, he came up with the idea of establishing the first "hands-on" science centre in Slovenia. Besides leading and coordinating the work of the centre, he is active in the field of informal education, popularisation of science and learning, building new exhibits, writing scenarios for science shows on stage. He has also written scenarios to promote science TV shows. In 2009 he started with the Znanstival (Sciencetival) - yearly outdors International Science Festival composed mainly of Science Shows, workshops, Science fair, Lectures and Cafes Scientifique. In 2014 he initiated INSPIRE (International "Science Performance Is Ready" Event) - International school for creating and running Science Shows. He was also the chief editor of a monthly magazine for curious young children, Petka.