Gordon Rankmore

Museum and Heritage Consultant, London (UK)

Course: Exhibitions
Course: Museums

Gordon Rankmore has more than 35 years of experience in interpretation, design and project management in heritage, museum and tourism environments. He has led interpretation, design and project management teams and developed feasibility studies and interpretative, management and business plans across these sectors, nationally and internationally. He is also a lecturer and trainer in interpretation, exhibition design and interpretative writing. He worked for nearly 20 years at the Natural History Museum of London. He was Head of Interpretation and Design, being responsible for the policy and implementation of interpretative exhibitions. He directed the Museum’s public offer programmes, including Darwin Centre Phase 2 (opened 2009), the annual special touring exhibitions programme, the redevelopment of permanent exhibition galleries, brand development and corporate design. During this time, he established the Museum’s professional consultancy team, acting as its Creative Director for projects in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Dubai, Japan, Kenya, Qatar and others.