Andrea Bandelli

CEO, Science Gallery International, Dublin (Republic of Ireland)

Course: Facilitation
Course: Communication

Andrea Bandelli is a scholar in science communication and an advisor for science education projects and institutions. Since March 2016 he is the CEO the Science Gallery International, Dublin (Republic of Ireland). After pioneering the use of internet in schools and museums in the early 1990’s, Bandelli worked at the development of the science center NEMO in Amsterdam, the Miami Museum of Science and became a partner of NISE, the Nanoscale Informal Science Education network. In 2004 he launched PlayDecide, a project which continues to engage several thousands people in debates and discussions on contemporary science. Andrea was the coordinator of the academic program for the first African Science Communication conference in 2006 and has developed, managed, evaluated and directed several international projects on science, art, democracy and public participation in collaboration with Ecsite, the European network of science centers and museums. He has published several articles on public engagement with science and he conducted a doctoral research at the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on scientific citizenship and the role of the public in the governance of science centers.