Paola Rodari

Project Manager, SISSA Medialab, Trieste (Italy)

Course: Museums
Course: Facilitation
Course: Exhibitions
Course: Communication

Paola Rodari is project manager for international projects and consultant for the development of new museums and science centres for Sissa Medialab. She worked for 10 years as the Head of the Education Department of the Laboratorio dell'Immaginario Scientifico science centre (Trieste, Italy), of which she was among funders. She has been the project leader for the development of the Museo del Balì Interactive Museum and Planetarium (Saltara, Italy), and for many years acted as Chief Scientific Advisor for the museum. She has lead or collaborated to the development of other permanent and temporary galleries, among which Museum of Astronomy and Planetarium of Torino (Italy). She was among funders and acted as spokeswoman of THE group, the Thematic Human Interface and Explainers group of Ecsite (the European network of science museums and science centres), dedicated to the professional development of museums educators, and she is still in THE group steering committee. She teaches Museums Studies at the SISSA Masters in Science Communication and has been organizer, speaker and tutor of many international courses. She has been involved in European action/research projects aiming at developing new programmes and tools for the communication of science. She is author of several papers and books on the communication of science, and works have been translated in English, Spanish and Portuguese.