Matteo Merzagora

Traces, Paris (France)

Curse: Facilitation
Course: Museums

Matteo Merzagora, phycisist, worked as a journalist in radio (Radio 24Radio 3Radio Popolare) and newspaper (Il Sole 24 OreScience et vieRepubblicaTempo MedicoScienza esperienza, etc.). He collaborated to the development of science exhibitions at first in Italy, and then in France, at the Cité des Sciences and de l’Industrie of Paris, where is now based. In France he has funded a think thank on science communication, the association TRACES. He is now the Director of the Espaces des Sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (ESPGG): created in 1994, this small museum is the public venue of the prestigious Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris, where cutting-edge events have been run.  He is author of many books for the popularization of science, such as Scienza da vedere (Sironi, 2006); with Marzia Mazzonetto ed Elisabetta Tola, Science in radio broadcasting (Polimetrica, 2005); with Sylvie Coyaud Guida ai musei della scienza in Europa (UTET, 1999); with Paola Rodari La scienza in mostra. Musei, science centre, comunicazione, PBM, 2007.