Silvia Onesti

Head of Structural Biology, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, Trieste (Italy)

Course: Communication 2015

Silvia Onesti studied Chemistry at the University of Pavia, followed by a PhD in Biophysics at Imperial College London. After two short spells at the University of Pavia and l’École Polytechnique (Paris), she obtained a permanent position at Imperial College, first in the Department of Physics, to then move to the Department of Life Sciences. In 2009 she returned to Italy to head the Structural Biology Laboratory at Elettra. She also teaches within the SISSA PhD course in Functional and Structural Genomics. Her research activities focus on the elucidation of the structural aspects of proteins involved in DNA replication and repair (at the core of important processes such as cancer development and aging) using a multidisciplinary approach ranging from molecular biology, biochemistry, X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy.