Bojan Markičević

Science Communication Consultant, Zagreb (Croatia)

Course: Facilitation

Bojan Markičević is a geophysicst and experienced science communicator who is involved in education both at formal and informal level. Currently teaches physics in Zagreb, at the Fifth gymnasium (one of Croatia's best natural science high schools) and coordinates the Centre for advancement of education within Science and Society Synergy Institute, Croatia. With French non-profit association Atelier des Jours a Venir he works as a trainer for University Paris Descartes and ETH in Zurich. He is actively involved as an teacher trainer for the Summer Science Factory since its beginning in 2007. He is a host of the science radio show: "Science on air". In 2009 he gathered international and interdisciplinary team to develop science communication as a conflict management tool, giving birth to the Con-Sol project (Constructive Solutions). With that particular project he held workshops and lectures at universities all over the world like: Beijing, Amsterdam, Addis Ababa, and UCLA in California. He often experiments teaching with drama techniques as a tool for better conceptual understanding of scientific phenomena. He was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but always says that by nationality he is a resident of planet Earth.