"Developing successful exhibitions": 21 participants from 13 countries

21 participants will attend the first JCOM Masterclass coming from 13 countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Israel, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, The Netherlands and Sweden. 14 have already been involved in the development of exhibitions with various roles (architects, designers, project managers, content developers, educators), whilst 7 have a scientific or artistic background and/or experiences in the communication of science but have never participated to the production of an exhibition. 7 participants are working or worked for museums or science centres, 5 are working in scientific institutions, 1 works for a national network for the communication of science and the others work as professionals in companies or as freelancers.

Registration for the other two 2015 courses ("Developing successful museums" and "Communicating current research to various audiences") is still open.

To get more information please write to masterclasses@jcom.sissa.it