The debate on Darwin’s theory of evolution is a unique case for observing some particular ways in which science is perceived and experienced in society.


Do we have to drag in the thought of Michel Foucault to show the political (and not neutral), partial and local (and not universal and non-historic), active (and not merely transmissive) face of sc


During the last annual conference of ECSITE (European Collaborative for Science and Technology Exhibitions; Helsinki, June 2005), for the first time two discussion sessions were devoted to explaine


While knowledge-society is developing all around the world, science seems to be loosing its historical prestige in public perception, scientific vocations are declining among young people, "limit"


The international symposium Science on air: the role of radio in science communication was held in Trieste on 1 and 2 October, 2004.


Natural parks are a place where science communicates with the public, involving dimensions ranging from the knowledge of living species to the relationship between man and nature, the environmental


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